Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shut Up, DeAngelo!

I was wrong... I had a conversation with a friend over the summer about DeAngelo Hall. He called me laughing that the Skins re-signed Hall (and for quite a bit more than chump change). My argument was, he's a ball hawk and any attitude problems will be policed by the team because they had strong enough leaders.

Again, I was wrong... Very, very wrong. To hear DeAngelo talking about what the team needs to do to get better makes me ill. He might be the worst tackler I've ever seen in a cornerback. And he's not that great a cover guy to make up for it. If you have an absolute shutdown corner, then you may be able to get away with poor tackling from the guy. And I say maybe, because poor tackling can always kill you.

But DeAngelo, holy crap he sucks at tackling. And the nerve to then voice his opinion about how others on the team need to play. How they need to care as much as him. He's freakin' delusional. Every time he talks, a player on the team should show him his attempted tackle on Mario Manningham in the Giants game, and then another player should show him his attempted tackle on Jake Delhomme (who dragged him several yards for the game sealing first down), and then another player should show his attempted tackle of Michael Turner against the Falcons after the Skins finally had some momentum. Each of those attempts were beyond pathetic. Someone with any common sense would never open their mouths about anything other than how poorly he played...

I pray that whoever the new GM is (And I pray that we have a new strong GM next year) will make the right choice on this and send DeAngelo packing. Please!

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