Monday, August 3, 2009


Well, I haven't posted in a little while. I just finished up a second novel, so I was a tad preoccupied. But, I want to post about something fairly recent before I focus entirely on training camp.

It has to do with Lavar Arrington. I know a lot of us have mixed feelings about him, and here's my take.

I don’t know whether the things he says about Snyder are true or not (read Leonard Shapiro’s column on Lavar for the specifics: Shapiro column. If WaPo hasn't archived it, the column basically quoted Lavar saying Snyder doesn't know what he's doing and just tries to buy a championship), but what bothers me is that Lavar never acknowledges what his shortcomings were as a player. Let's be honest, he gambled too much. He could deliver a hell of a wallop, but he was undisciplined. He was like a home run hitter who strikes out 200 times a year. In baseball, a team can get away with that and still win, but in football it’s a much bigger problem.

I definitely remember some very specific great plays he made, but I also remember some clear blown assignments that cost the Skins games (in an Eagles game, he was supposed to cover the fullback, but rushed the passer instead, and the fullback took a swing pass and scored the game winner).

He never seemed to truly acknowledge those mistakes. And he would take umbrage if a coach would say it (Marvin Lewis called him undisciplined, and others said similar things. Greg Williams essentially didn't seem to trust him at all).

So, basically, I would respect Lavar so much more, and care more about his opinions, if he was as critical about himself as he is about others.

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