Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Alridge

Today, on the 24-hour Alridge channel, we get this quote, courtesy of Larry Weisman at Redskins.com, "Special teams is a regular position, it’s just a special position to play,” says Alridge, who spent his rookie season in 2008 on Denver’s injured reserve list. “You’ve got to be a man. You have to have courage. You have to be ready at all times. And I love doing it.

I like the sound of that. I'm really excited to see him play in preseason. I want to see him take it to the house, whether on a kickoff or as a running back... Just really, really hope he doesn't fumble. That would negate everything in the eyes of the coaches ... unless he's Devin Hester and takes it all the way nearly every time he touches it.

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