Saturday, September 5, 2009

I haven't updated in a while. My real life has kept me too busy, but I've followed the Anthony Alridge roller coaster ride very carefully. I thought he may have been in, but then the fumble... I like Mason, I just think Alridge is more what the Skins need right now... Mason is a better overall back, but not the change of pace home run hitter that I thought we needed... Hopefully, Alridge will be on the practice squad, and not be claimed by anyone else, and maybe even get on the roster later in the year.

Why was I so high on Alridge, even though he seems to definitely be a bit of a fumbler. Because you can teach a guy to hold on to the ball (a la Tiki Barber), but you can't teach 4.3 speed... But, you know, guys who fumble usually end up in the stands next to me.

I like going qith 2 qbs only, especially if Chase is on the practice squad. I think Randle El could be an emergency guy for one game, if needed. Good move. Right now, it means that Westbrook is the 6th corner. I have a feeling that might change, unless Carlos Rogers calf problem doesn't improve ... or Westbrook is such a demon on special teams that he's a necessity...

A little surprised that Robert Henson made the team over Cody Glenn. Not based on anything I saw, just based on the coverage. He didn't get a lot of playing time, and made some mistakes... I thought Cody Glenn, or even undrafted Darrel Young, might make it ahead of him... But there's always surprises, aren't there... Y'know, if they had a TV show of the meeting room when they make the final cuts (debating each player), wouldn't that be ratings gold in the DC market? I don't live back east anymore, but I'd watch it on satellite! Someone please make that happen.

Anyway, here's the final cuts, courtesy of

Robbie Agnone TE Undrafted Rookie
Anthony Alridge RB First-year Player
Jeremy Bridges G/T 7-year Vet
Scott Burley T Undrafted Rookie
Alex Buzbee DE First-year Player
Chase Daniel QB Undrafted Rookie
Antonio Dixon DT Undrafted Rookie
Dominique Dorsey RB First-year Player
Doug Dutch CB Undrafted Rookie
Keith Eloi WR Undrafted Rookie
Cody Glenn LB 2009 5th-Round Draft Pick
D.J. Hackett WR 6-Year Vet
Lendy Holmes S Undrafted Rookie
Rob Jackson DE 2008 7th-Round Draft Pick
Dave Rayner K 4-year Vet
Rueben Riley G First-year Player
Trent Shelton WR First-year Player
J.D. Skolnitsky DE Undrafted Rookie
Robert Thomas LB 8-year Vet
Eddie Williams FB 2009 7th-Round Draft Pick
Darrel Young LB Undrafted Rookie

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