Sunday, September 20, 2009


I'm a fairly level headed fan. I'm certainly not the over-reactionary type who wants everyone fired after game 2. There's things about this game that I have thoughts about, strong thoughts, BUT it was still just game 2. Things can change for the better. Yes, they may stay the same or change for the worse, but let's see how it plays out.

Having said that, I don't remember the last time I was disappointed after a win. I'm sure there's other times, but I really can't remember it. And it really had nothing to do with the players. It was the play calling. My hair's starting to thin -- I really can't afford to be yanking it out in frustration during games.

Here's where I started gashing my hair out, though. This sequence. On Washington's first possession of the third quarter, they had a first and goal from the 7. Again, moved the ball fairly well. But it's goal line! Here's what followed: Portis for no gain, Portis for two yards up the middle and Portis, then, uh, rolling right, looking to pass... First, before the first play at the 7 I said out loud, "Please don't run it again." They ran. I said even louder on 2nd down, "Please don't run it again!" They ran it again. 3rd down, I think the Rams didn't fall for it because they knew it was far too stupid for anyone to call another run. So they seemed ready for it and had Cooley covered. (I don't like writing in all caps, but) WHY DO THEY KEEP RUNNING SO MUCH DOWN AT THE GOAL LINE!!! It's not working. They have Malcolm Kelly, or even Marko Mitchell. Why not try a jump ball against a smaller corner? That's how the Rams scored their one touchdown. It's a tough play for a corner when you have someone that tall who can jump! We didn't even try it! Why?!!!! Aghhhhh!!! (an interesting side note to this: watch the Sonny interview at with Zorn after the game. It was actually a little testy because Sonny took Zorn to task for letting Portis throw it, as opposed to the QB.)

And then the going for it on 4th twice at the end. I think they were bad decisions. The first one worked, the second didn't and our defense bailed us out. But hearing Jason Campbell talk about it afterwards left me baffled. He said that Zorn doesn't like him changing the play down there because of the crowd noise and miscommunication possibly leading to a penalty. Okay, but when you know the play you have won't work, why can't he change it?!!! Campbell said they saw the Rams were overloaded to the left and had too many to block, so it was zero surprise that Portis was stopped for a loss. Zorn said they just beat our O-line. Yes, that's what happens when you have to block more people than you have to block with.

As for Randy Thomas' injury, all offseason everyone harped on not drafting an O-lineman and not getting one in free agency. And all offseason, the front office said they liked what they have. Okay, well we're going to see now, aren't we. I think they were hoping that Thomas, and also Samuels would never get hurt. But that's kind of stupid, isn't it? They're older guys who have been through the wars and are now more prone to injuries... But I'll calm down on this for a moment. I'm willing to see how it plays out. Maybe Rinehart plays great. Let's give him a shot.

I wonder if Pete Kendall will get a call, though. He's no savior, but he's a smart veteran and it makes some sense.

I hate saying this, and I hate thinking this, but I won't be surprised at all if Detroit beats us next week. Last year it took a Santana Moss punt return to win that game... The Lions are desperate for a win. Our best hope is Stafford turning the ball over a few times and our DBs take it back for scores. I really think that will be a necessity for winning that game. I hope I'm wrong. I hope the offense, which has TALENT, and can move the ball, will score. And if I am wrong, I'll absolutely say it. I'll look forward to it, even. I want a win far, far, far more than me being right.

If you see my earlier posts, I rooted pretty hard for Anthony Alridge to make the team, although his fumbling was a problem. But the Skins last year could also move the ball. They got bogged down in the red zone. Sound familiar? They need speed to hit some home runs occasionally. I thought Alridge was the kind of guy who would provide some instant Sproles-like offense. Kind of also like Felix Jones in Dallas, who also had a big fumble tonight, but also had some huge plays and a TD.

For next week, I implore Coach Zorn to let Jason play. Do more hurry up, throw on first and/or second in the red zone. Because what you're doing in the red zone now is not working! And it's getting frustrating.

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