Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Under-reported Vinny personnel move

I haven't really been posting lately because I think writing when you're angry or frustrated leads to bad writing. So for the most part, I've decided to do as thorough an evaluation of every aspect of this team (admittedly it will be my opinion, but I won't half-ass it by just throwing up my immediate frustrated thoughts), and post it after the season.

But some things I do want to address. I think there's an under-reported aspect to the job Vinny did in the 2008 draft. Remember, the Skins traded out of the first round with Atlanta to get two picks in the 2nd round. There's no way to determine if it was a good choice at the time -- but now that time has passed, it can be evaluated. Making a move like that is only smart if a) the players you take in the 2nd round pan out (or at least one of them), and b) the player you could have taken isn't someone you could have definitely needed.

Well, at what point do we determine if the 2nd round picks (Devin Thomas, Fred Davis, Malcolm Kelley) are busts? Hopefully, it's still a little early to determine that, but it doesn't look promising at this point. But the bigger issue is b. The player that Atlanta took with that pick was Sam Baker from USC who I believe has been a starter from day 1. Last year I think he was a right tackle, and this year NFL.com has him listed as the starting left tackle. That's who the Redskins didn't pick. Devin Thomas/Fred Davis versus Sam Baker.

So, what are we to make of that? Should we expect accountability from Vinny and whoever else made that decision? Uh, yeah. That's what so frustrating to me and so many other fans. There seems to be NO accountability. The front office/owner seems to think they've provided the coaches with the players to win. While I have issues with the coach (who I like personally, but makes horrible decisions which are too hard for a mediocre team to overcome), it seems Snyder (and I'm assuming Vinny) blame the coach completely. They'll just replace him and keep everything else business as usual. For Skins fans' sake, I hope not...

Yeah, I realize I've just started writing in frustration after I said I wouldn't, but at least I waited until Tuesday to post this, so as to allow myself to not say anything in the heat of the moment.

Further on accountability, Snyder and Vinny pronounced Zorn was their guy... Maybe, just maybe, they aren't actually smart enough to be making such choices. Why do the majority of fans and pundits see that, and not them? I guess it's hard for them because the consequences will be Vinny out of a job, and Danny not having as much fun since he won't be as involved. Well, Danny, your fun = Skins mediocrity and fans misery.

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