Friday, October 23, 2009

Debating Cerrato

So, I just read the transcript of Cerrato's radio show. It kind of boggles my mind how clueless he seems to be. But almost as bad, is I, and many, many fans feel like we're being lied to.

He makes the meeting he had with Zorn sound cordial. "Hey, buddy, let's have a new play caller." "How about I think about it?" "Sure, buddy, call me later." I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but he's lost that benefit. So, believing that Cerrato whipped out the contract and said Zorn had no choice, is what I think happened.

I also think Snyder did try to hire Shanahan a few weeks ago, and was rebuffed.

And Cerrato goes all ape shit that Dan doesn't talk during the season out of respect for the football people. Wow! That's only okay if you're not involved in football-making decisions, like potentially hiring new coaches in-season...

One of the most galling things, however, about Cerrato's radio diatribe, is he seems to take NO ACCOUNTABILITY for his role. The offensive line, you jackass! That's on you! You deemed them good enough. You deemed the depth good enough should your two best, and older injury prone linemen, get hurt. That is the main reason why this offensive football team is bad. They don't run block well and they're virtually pathetic at pass blocking. Changing playcallers is a too-little too-late bandaid.

Has Zorn been a good playcaller? Not particularly, but execution hasn't been there either. It's amazing how much better execution usually is when you have an offensive line that leads to a good running game, and time for the QB to throw. Jason can barely do play-action without a guy in his face as soon as turns around.

Cerrato, fans don't like to be lied to. You're bad at your job, and we can all only hope that you don't have it at the end of the year. When nearly everyone thinks it was a bad idea to change playcallers the way you did it, except you and probably Snyder, that makes you clueless.

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